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(The Ramones)

[ D G Bm A ] 2x

D                                    G

Questioningly her eyes looked at me
D                                                                                       G
And then she spoke aren't you someone I used to know
     Bm                                       A
And weren't we lovers a long time ago?

D                                        G
Looked at her close forced her into view
Yes, I said, you're a girl
        G Bm                                      A
That I once may have knew

        G                                 D
But I don't love you anymore
G                                           D
Why do you want to talk to me for?
G                                                   D
You should have just let me walk by
G                   Bm             A    D
Memories make us cry

D                               G
In the morning, I'm at work at time
D                                                 G     Bm       A
My boss he tells me that I'm doing fine
G                                D
When I'm going home
G                              D
Whiskey bottle movie on T.V.
G                   D
Memories make me cry
          G                        Bm
And I'm alone just me
            A                              D
Just me, questioningly

[ D G Bm A ] 2x

But I don't...

Looked at her...

Questioningly her...